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In the humdrum of the daily, it is always fun to try out something new – something out of the box… something quirky. Especially for a fashionista! We are out there to find adventure in the voyage of the tedium called society. So it was a mighty cheer to collaborate with Quirkbox. I have been eyeing their unique style for quite some time now. And well, here we are… 🙂

Roses are red

The soft drape of the shift dress in its glorious pristine white is ‘date’ perfect. It was the perfect ruse to draw out all my femininity because of the French inspired rose embroidery on the front. The vivid colours juxtaposed with the white brighten up any and everything around – the transformation is pure magic. Simplicity is the key to this dress as you need little else to make it stand out. I wore it with nude platform heels from Tedish Paris to keep the look subtle and elegant.




Seamstress’ dream

Quirky prints and an attitude to die for – things you need to be a diva. The print on the shift dress of a vintage sewing machine in black ink put together with cross stitch in pretty floral colours raises the bar in being creative. The way to style the dress was clear to me – add a touch of glam with dark glasses and lace up boots. Just the ideal way of mirroring the pride in knowing who you are and what you are.


Romping the classic with the quirky

A little bit of this and a little bit of that – the Quirk Box sleeveless jacket was perfect for whipping up my chic styling soul. The fun just begins. I paired it up with a black tube prom dress with all its girly frills and added the jacket full of vintage prints to create some fantastic contrasts. It totality it brings out a naughty impish quality in the look. The quirky and bright starry eyed disposition is easy to bring out with compositions like this. 

See you super soon :*
Outfit Details: White Shift Dress – Quirk Box, Rose Gold Clutch – Accessorize, Nude Heels – Tedish Parish, Gold Chain – Bandra.Black & White Printed Shift Dress – Quirk Box, Blazer & Clutch – Forever21, Boots & Shades- Gift, Printed Socks – Happy Socks.Vintage Print Jacket – Quirk Box, Prom Dress – Stitched by my tailor, Boots – Gift.

Location Courtesy – The Bar Terminal

Photographer – Prabhu



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Walking tall, feeling sexy, feeling like you can conquer the world – all a woman has to do to get all that in a jiffy is finding the right kind of heels.

A classy pair of
stilettos can take you to reach for the skies.

This pair of bright pink heels from  INTOTO made me feel spectacular.

They don’t just raise my height by a couple of inches, they raise me from the ordinary to being the woman with the confidence of a lioness.

It would have been an abomination to overshadow these stunning heels with more styling. So, I just went for a simple sweatshirt. One can take offence if they want to, but the simple point I want to make is that women don’t need to get all dolled up to look fabulous. A simple pair of stunning footwear would do the trick.

After all, the right heels can change your life. Ask Cinderella. 😉

Until Next Time,

Kiran Singh

Photography – https://www.facebook.com/ipshitadb/

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Clothes incite emotions. They can make you feel sexy and can make you feel rebellious. Different fabrics fall differently on your body and a changed silhouette can work wonders. A tiny frill, a big pleat, a bow, a little ribbon, a rip at the right place can make all the difference. You can even alter the look of the same garment by playing around with how it is styled.

This cream top by “All About You From Deepika Padukone” especially is a delight to wear because of its beautiful supple feel.  It’s delicate, drapes naturally and is super comfortable. Juxtaposing it with a pair of ripped jeans; I decided to switch it about a little bit and tucked it at the front for an unpretentious casual look.

Tucking it at the back however, gave the garment a natural flow. The small pinch at the back accentuates the curves of the body in an innate spontaneous way, somewhat mirroring the mood of the collection this has been picked out of from – romantic and flowy.

Outfit Details: Top – All About You From Deepika Padukone , Denims – Forever 21, Earrings – Everythin Bling, Flats – Colaba Causeway.

Until Next Time

Kiran Singh 🙂

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I love wearing white. For me, white is the color that can work for both day and night. I don’t always follow the trend; I wear what I like (you must have noticed it by now?).

I wore a cut out crop top with white jeggings. I like wearing jeggings as they make you look slimmer, and you don’t have to squeeze, button and zip them up to wear.

I tried this super cool watch from Joker & Witch which has gold detailing on the turquoise blue silicon strap to add a pop of color to the entire look. I love mixing gold with other colors, my pants also have gold detailing at the waist, which is why I picked them up.

I teamed this entire outfit with minimal makeup and gold heels, for a classy yet subtle look.

Hope you guys liked the post.

Until Next Time

Kiran Singh ♥

Location Courtesy: La Folie Lab

Photography by: Ipshita 

Outfit Details: Top – Street Soul Store (Lokhandwala), Jeggings – (Big C Bandra), Watch – Joker&Witch, Heels – Tresmode.

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In fashion there is a saying – Women who wear black live colourful lives.

Black is the quintessential colour to opt for without thinking about it twice.

It tells a fable of the independent woman who knows what she wants. The darkest of nights don’t faze her and she loves the challenge of everything that it signifies – mystery, romance, adventure…. She is a woman standing in a man’s world speaking her mind and not losing her own identity in the process.

The hint of yellow is the stream of light that is her thought in the enigma of her persona. She stands tall, stands proud with a hint of smile on her lips – which tells you she knows it all…

I hope you guys are enjoying my posts 🙂

Outfit Details: Tube Jumpsuit – Kink (Bandra), Heels – Chanel, Shades – Rayban, Earrings – Shop Around The Corner (Chembur).

Photo Credits:- https://www.facebook.com/ipshitadb/

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In a time where girls go all out to stand equal to the boys, the bold is the new beautiful. It is not only in the adventures that we have, but has also seeped into the way we talk, we dress and the way we wear our attitudes on our sleeves.

In my case, I literally wore it on my noodle strap white top and distressed ripped denim – a daring amalgamation of the feminine and the carefree.

I paired the rugged denim and a flared draped top with printed lace shoes to add a pop of colour – completing the look with a neon pink lipper and a dash of glitter on my eyes. Balancing the act is a challenge but all it takes is a little bit of thought.

Who says going raw has to be sans beauty?

Outfit Details: Top – Delhi (Local Store), Denims – Only, Shoes – Gift (London), Chain – Forever21.

Photo Credits:- Ipshita DB Photography

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How can we resist the jumpsuit trend? (based on the abba song)

Fashion is about comebacks and the jumpsuit has made it back to the 21st century with leaps and bounds. The romance of the decade is here again along with the big glasses and chandelier earrings – comfort and style rolled into one.

But, credit where it is due – the designers have reinvented this piece to suit modern tastes. The silhouettes are more flattering, the kitschy prints have been eliminated. And the ways that it can be styled are numerous.

Add a floral scarf and the jumpsuit turns bohemian, or simply wear a metallic belt to make it apt for parties. It is fast becoming a staple in every girl’s closet.

The small cut out detail on my outfit is just to add a little emphasis to the curves on the waist, which adds a touch of femininity to the comfort aspect of the garment.

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit – Koovs
Heels – Viola Bandra
Earrings & Shades – Colaba
Bag – Gift

Hope you enjoyed this post.

See you soon 🙂

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The Sun this season isn’t ready to bog down for even a tiny bit. With the hot, hot weather and the rising temperature, the summers are also known to give rise to the most common fashion crisis: finding the right balance between comfort and chicness. This particular outfit is a perfect amalgamation of just that.

Easy on eyes, but big on fashion quotient, this head to toe Forever 21 outfit has the capability to become a permanent member of your breezy summer wardrobe. The outfit, on the whole, resonates the charm of the ever popular sliming properties of the colour back, and the freshness and the eye-popping effect of the colour nude. In order to give the outfit a sophisticated yet in-trend touch, I have chosen to go with the now in fashion nude makeup, shorts, clutch and pumps. Further, I have thrown a blazer and watch together so as to make the outfit a perfect pick for a busy corporate office day.

The loosely fitted black top has been stylishly tucked in the front and left loose at the back so as to give the waist some definition. The combination of loosely fitted top and tightly fitted shorts works for almost every body type irrespective of whether you have a pear, apple or an hourglass figure. I have left my hair down and haven’t experimented much with my natural curls so as to add that girl-next-door and everyday achievable factor to the whole look.

Wanna look cool this hot summer? Don’t fret, it ain’t going to cost you a lot. All you have to do is follow my lead and you will be fashion ready each day, every day this summer. The details of how you can achieve this looks are mentioned below. Do leave your comments if you have anymore suggestions that can be added to make this look even more chic.

Until Next Time 🙂
Kiran Singh

Outfit Details – Blazer, Tank Top, Shorts, Heels – Forever 21. Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs,Shades-Mango, Clutch – Kolkatta (local store).

Photography – Rajeev Britto 

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The high of feeling young is everlasting.
No wonder people work so much to go back to their youth. Who knew that the sentiment exists within you?

Just look inside your heart and there it is.
A little kiss to the air and the cheer spreads all around..
A little hop, skip, and jump will add to the joy of life…

Playing around with different looks always cheers me up. So, when I put together this shirt with the skater skirt, the mischievous – playful side of me emerged.

I hunted down the gold chains from Amchi Mumbai, to add to the careless femininity of the entire look. The nude heels and the clutch put in a bit of chic to the ensemble.

The casual elegance of the skirt look is the perfect way to exemplify a girl’s day out in the sun.

Won’t you agree?

Outfit details – Shirt- Forever21, Skater Skirt – Bangkok, Clutch- Accessorize Heels – Forever21, Chains – Colaba Causeway.

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It has taken me a while to get down to starting my own blog. Between planning and actually getting down to it many a season has passed. Nevertheless, the leap to writing about fashion has finally been taken.

Paraphrasing Neil Armstrong,
One small step in the world of fashion, one giant leap for me.

Now that I have done it, I can’t help but feel the zeal and adventure in the air. The journey begins with this post…

Speaking of seasons, summer is here and it has brought with it effervescence and bright pastel colors. The season is perfect for all the feminine colors I want to don and it seems that the palette can brighten up an already bright sun-drenched day.

*For the shoot I put together this peach backless top from Koovs and a misty cool blue maxi skirt that my very talented tailor stitched up for me.

The dreamy setting and the ideal lighting at the break of the day added a perfect touch of romance to the shoot. I left my hair open to let my natural curls speak their own story

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