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What is the first thing that comes in mind when we think of summer? A rendezvous to nice golden beaches and blue sea or an escapade to high mountains and beautiful hill stations, right? But for me, summer means so much more than a vacation. It is the time to cherish the beauty of Nature.

The occasional relief of drizzle interspersed in between the days with unforgiving Sun, followed by the cool summer breeze in the evening: there is a beauty which remains unappreciated of summers. And not only the weather, but the colors of summer are something worth mentioning. The yellows, reds, whites dominate the summer colors palette alongside with a hint of green and blue, making everything look so vibrant and magical. I like to switch my dresses from floral prints to more bold monochromatic colors or feminine pastels to match the summer vibes.

Summer is the best season to experiment with clothes, and I make sure to leave no stones unturned in that.

For this look, I chose to go monochromatic with a chrome yellow two-piece outfit. Yellow, I feel, is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. It is quintessentially flamboyant and is sure to make heads turn. So I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to wear an off-shoulder crop top with a matching long skirt. Crop tops aren’t going anywhere this year too, so it pairs well with the breezy long skirt and adds on to the effortless yet feminine vibes.

With this outfit, I decided to accessorize it with a pair of reflective sunglasses. I chose blue reflectors to compliment the beautiful location. The clear summer skies and blue waters look lovely, which inspired me for this entire ensemble. And I love how everything turned out: the ensemble goes perfectly well with the location!

I feel the most important aspect for dressing up in any season, is to match its vibes. I feel summer is all about the casual, laid back yet fiery and sexy vibes.

Hot afternoons and breezy evenings, swim dates and long walks: This is how I define my summer days. How do you define your summers?



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Hey Guys! As you all know I love travelling & exploring new places. I am sure you all have seen pictures and stories on my Instagram & Snap chat about my getaways. I get a lot of messages asking where I am staying at and stuff usually when I travel.  Hence this time I decided to blog about my weekend getaway and I will continue doing it.

So we started our journey from Mumbai at around 8:30 in the morning and reached the resort by 1 pm after taking a mandatory halt at MC Donald’s.  

The moment we entered the resort we were welcomed by welcome drinks – Kokam Sharbat which was super refreshing. We checked-in in our room and then rushed for lunch as we were starving. They served us delicious authentic Maharashtrian food.

What I loved about the property was the location. You will not find anything distracting your view. It’s located inside a village which makes it different from the rest of properties that are around Nasik surrounded by beautiful mountains and a huge lake. Quiet and peaceful!

In the evening we were offered tea and snacks post which, we went to the Vaitarna Lake which is 10 minutes away from the resort. It’s immensely beautiful and picturesque.



I decided to chill in the pool after coming back. It was calm and relaxing.

The staff members of Jen Jon were really polite and helpful. They arranged for a bonfire after we got done with dinner which was a perfect end to the day.

We couldn’t have asked for more.

There are a lot of outdoor games, bicycles, 80v bike, archery etc. you could try your hands on.

Basically, there’s everything for everyone.

You can definitely plan your weekend at Jen Jon and I am sure you won’t get disappointed.

And I can’t wait to go back!

Hope you liked the blog post.

Have a great weekend 🙂


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